God Bless Gaia

by So1 Musaic

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released January 11, 2016

Engineering and Mastering: Marcus Hyatt and The Dragon
Production: FalseEgo, Felly, The Dragon, Marcus Hyatt, Christopher Pless, Khalil Jenkins, BluntedBeatz, The Rookies

All Rights Reserved for Khalil Jenkins and Christopher Pless


all rights reserved



So1 Musaic Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Alien Pool Party

(Jazzy So1 and Pless)

Open up the box and what you find? (x2)
Nothing like human kind!(x2)
Focus on the spot between the eyes!
Know this is a prophecy divine!
Time to redesign!

It's time to redesign
and redefine
the way that we perceive our minds!
See the signs!
You have to cross to see the lines!


In your mental atmosphere...
Whispering dreams of magic years
After tragic passion tears!
And so I hope that it's clear....
Even if we're...

Chorus: (Jazzy So1 and Pless)

Extra exceptional!
restless invested souls!
rest less and set your goals!
so far gone yet we're so close...
so far down this distant road....
To changing this world we know! Oh!

Verse 1: Jazzy So1

The fluoridation irrigates the plants we need for nourishment.
So if Disney sponsors monsters than this world is disproportionate!
I've seen humans sent home for less portions of the porridge shizz.
so if it's a dog eat dog world, you're as cowardly as courage is!
This is not average cup of joe, for ya average Joe is not woke!
I spoke this out loud, while puffing out loud, discussing how we so close.
Penny loafers on of course, I mean come on!
My two cents is walking on the sun!
Ayahuasca dreams and beating drums..
Teach me how to swim, yeah!

Chorus 2: Jazzy So1 and Pless

'C' to the 'H' to the 'L' 'O' 'R' 'I' 'N' 'E'
Ohhhh it's so diluted! yeah, it's so diluted yeah! (x2)
'C' to the, 'C''C' to the 'H' to the 'L' 'O' 'R''I''N''E'

Verse 2: Pless

Open up your... open up your mind and what you finna...
what you finna find? If you use your inner eye,
intertwine it and allign it with the light you have inside.
your design is so divine and we can reconstruct our lives.
Try and widen our perception.
we the people can decide
how to fly in which direction!
All this hype over survival generates malice.
we should use recent news to innovate balance.
ohhhh wooooah the system is invalid!
Tell me why your wallet
is greener than my salad.
Do me a solid,
cops stop killing!
receive my frequency or just proceed to be the villain.
I'm a do it for the children who need mine to find they soul!
If you don't know what your worth is or ya purpose or your goals,
I'm a point you! Right in the right direction! Dont take a right or a left just check your midsection!
Can you feel me baby?
Track Name: GoodKnight
Chorus: Jazzy So1 & Pless

I've been rolling woods! (With my knights)
We've been feeling hella good! (Outta sight, Yeah!)
And it might be tonight that we right here!
In the center of the Universe....
We deep a couple Light Years.. yeah!
We deep a couple Light Years!
And it ain't like.. you cant fly!
Go ahead and try my friends!
You'll feel so alive my friends!
The vibing waves, we diving in!

Verse 1: Jazzy So1

American black males who was juggling jugs,
kicked shows and turned struggle to good!
Sorta crazy but crazy can't be defined!
Perception lays in the eyes of each of us right?
what's cream without peaches?
its like.. teaching a preacher to write!
So I'm rolling woods yeah!
Get that understood yeah!
Don't flatter me you no fathom me,
saddening that you could dad!
but it's whatever forever-after I'm thorough..
because there's a pathogenic cyst in this world.
That's an obligation for your soul to exist in this world


Verse 2: Pless

People disliking insight cuz they ain't got no type of clue!
We be sticking together and we ain't got no type of glue!
Love is the adhesive here! Come and find the peace within..
Toke the pine, stay open minded, that's what this disciple do!
I am just a student of life. Earth is my campus, so I'm a keep pursuing the light and run rampant!
Me and my Negus on your speakers now,
I'm geeking out!
The past already passed, we don't really need to speak about it!
Sick of these shitty auras! I wanna travel far.
Baby be my Katara, I could be your Avatar!
We're here to save the world so I'm a need a wise woman!
We knows the herb and knows her purpose in the life cuz...


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